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     Feeling overwhelmed by household chores? Let Kenton Carpet Cleaning Company take care of it with their exceptional and professional house cleaning services.
A. Nichols 17/05/2024
     We have been extremely pleased with the reliability and excellence of this company's services for many years now.
Yvette Uvelles22/04/2024
     On Monday, I tried KentonCarpetCleaners, and I must say that their deep cleaning service exceeded all my expectations - skilled staff, great prices, and attention to detail make them stand out.
Teresa Howes11/04/2024
     Thanks to the fantastic deep cleaning by this company. I highly recommend them!
Brad Z.30/03/2024
     This company has exceeded all of my expectations with their exceptional service. My initial engagement with them was just yesterday and it was a wonderful experience. The employees were unbelievably welcoming and remarkably proficient.
Joel N.20/03/2024
     Their care for details and open communication crafted a stress-free procedure.
Robert K.01/12/2023
     With many instances of using their professional cleaning services, I can confirm that dependability is one of the key reasons why I prefer KentonCarpetCleaners. On each occasion that I have requested help, they have gone above and beyond in providing incredible results at my property.
Nick Curry11/05/2023
     I got them over to do a spot of domestic cleaning for me. It was a brilliant service. It just felt different being in my house when they were done.
Diane E25/04/2023
     Outstanding experience with Carpet Cleaners Kenton - fast and simple to book, wonderful availability and fair price. Our flat was thoroughly cleaned by a cleaner who was prompt, friendly and competent and did an impressive job, surpassed expectations. The apartment looked really superb when she was done.
Deana F.08/02/2023
     I called Carpet Cleaners Kenton to sort out my carpet and it was as if their carpet cleaners magically eradicated all the dirt from the fibres and produced a brand new carpet. They were that good.
Maisey M19/05/2020
     This company makes messes disappear in a jiffy! Wonderful cleaning company!
M. Trotter20/09/2019
     After asking around and making a few calls I came across KentonCarpetCleaners. I was glad that I did because my experience with them was utterly fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better cleanup job and my house is now in tiptop shape.
     I never knew that hiring a professional cleaner would yield such amazing results! But now that I hired a cleaner from KentonCarpetCleaners I know that I will come back again, regularly! My house has never looked this well, honestly and every penny I paid was more than worth it!
Gabrielle 17/03/2015
     I was expecting important guests to my office and I panicked. The place was in no condition to impress anyone so I called KentonCarpetCleaners immediately. I knew from reputation that they could help and they did. Their team were with me in no time and they took care of every speck of dust, all stains, litter and more. They got the place spotless before my guests arrived, saving an important deal, so I can't thank them enough for what they have done.
Brian S.18/12/2014
     My neighbour had used this company's cleaning service on several occasions and she always had good things to say about them, so when I need to clean up after a massive party in the house, I decided to go on word of mouth. I am so glad I did! They did an excellent work on the whole house and it was such a pleasure coming back to a home that stayed clean and fresh for such a long time, that now I hire them monthly. KentonCarpetCleaners have definitely got a fan in me!
     I often wondered about hiring a cleaning agency to help me get my house sparkling again but always felt ashamed to ask, however once I discovered my cousin uses them often I thought maybe I should cut my losses and go for it. Heaven knows why I never did this sooner, not once do you feel ashamed, they are not judgmental at all, just incredibly helpful friendly and they do an amazing job. I'm so pleased I found KentonCarpetCleaners they have made a remarkable difference to the appearance of my home and even others notice it, I would recommend them to anyone.
     If you are looking for a great company to get your office cleaning done then I would recommend that you give KentonCarpetCleaners a try. Sometimes these sorts of companies really do need word of mouth to get their good name around, and this is hopefully what my review will do! I got a recommendation from a mate when I we looking for an office cleaner, and have been extremely happy with the results so far! Essentially you get a good service, for a good price, which is basically all anyone can really ask for!
Kenneth W.07/01/2014